Faysal Soysal

Faysal Soysal

President of Competition

Head of the Contest

Having lost his home, human beings somehow managed to find a place to shelter in. When he could not find clothes, he sewed clothing from different objects for covering. When he could not find food, he fed on the soil, trees and different living things only enough to keep his body and soul together. When he went thirsty, he used plants and even extracted water out of stones. He got injured when he fought or made war for his daily bread, lost everything to acts of God. He collapsed and yet managed to stand up again at the end of the day despite poverty and despair. He fed on or received support from multiple sources in his fight for survival, but how could he open his eyes again in peace and with hope if not for the compassion of a mother, mercy of a friend, justice of a father or an emirate in power?

Mercy and justice always enables human beings with an unrequited devotion for building up the future, and gives an absolute belief that pace will be everlasting. Communities wherein neither of the two concepts existed, and absence of which was not a source of discomfort offered nothing to next generations not to mention that such communities were eradicated from the stage of history. On taking a look at the nations and civilisations whose master piece of work and cultural heritage on the face of earth was moral sustainability, the very first virtue that catches the eye in every strata of the people with no discrimination of weak and strong, poor and powerful, is undoubtedly the inseparable association of "Mercy and Justice".

The most significant representative of this on the face of the earth is undoubtedly the Prophet Mohammed, who excellently matured these two unique virtues in every part of his entire life, in his body and soul. Acting in his capacity of a travelling Holy Quran, he enshrined in the heart of anybody that ever saw and heard about him particularly for the aforecited two virtues. His sunnah of mercy and justice as matured by him stills fuels us with a strong belief for the life, resistance and hope in these days when fights, disasters, treachery and oppression patrolled. If not for his existence and reality in all his aspects, how could it be ever meaningful to struggle for today and tomorrow, help the poor and the oppressed and treat even our enemies fairly? Every breath taken and every word spoken by the great Prophet, who was sent for all humanity as God's mercy and grace, represents benediction for us and justice for others. When stoned in Taif, he stilled wished mercy for his tribe. Despite the treachery and oppression of the ones in Mecca, he made no concession during the conquest of Mecca. To him, picking up a stone on the road and smiling meant alms...

It is therefore announced that participants from all ages are welcomed to the short film contest, organised to mediate that the stories concentrating on the aforecited two virtues of the Prophet Mohammad are on the silver screen in reach of all people from any race and language. Anybody who wishes to make a contribution to the rule of mercy and justice on the face of the earth is invited to take part in the contest. We do hope that this contest will grow bigger for a larger event.

Good efforts are ours, grace is from the God…